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Petar Bosnic Petrus’s SOS


Petar Bosnic Petrus’s SOS

Does some state need my services?

What kind of services?

See an article:


I am 66, single and of bad helath (invalid.) Need mainly medical help and somebody who will care about me. As you can see, my English is very bad, and Italian the worse. But I am learning very fast. If I woulld have some help, I coulld work and be usefull still several years, maybe, even longer.
I can not garantie that I will really help you by my knowledge and ideas. It depends on large number of factors. But I am willing to give to you my best.

Thank you

Sincerelly Yours



I am the most needed, most important and the greatest discovery of today.

I truly exist.

It is necessary only to discover me.

Is there somebody capable to do it and help to mankind?

Petar Bosnić Petrus

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