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Petar Bosnic Petrus



A new type of revolution

Although, in the prior works/books I was often claimed that after the bourgeois revolution is not possible any more revolution, here I must admit/confess that this what I am offering, however is some kind of revolution, and, perhaps even the largest and most radical, in whole human history.

But unlike the previous ones, this new revolution would not shed a single tear, not one drop of blood or sweat, and not require, nor increase efforts in human activities.

This REVOLUTION OF ECONOMY also is the REVOLUTION of the THE REVOLUTION itself, because it was transformed, from an act of violence which destroys the order into a quiet, peaceful, beneficial preservation of true principles (common law) and all other goods which was created by the human race.

Few words about it.

Finally – after a systematic search which lasted from Plato to Marx, and to these days, therefore, after at least 2,400 years – I think I managed to discover that so much demanded/required and desired new, form of ownership, which is significantly/substantially more functional, more equitable/fairer and more productive than the previous ones.

It is not, of course, any new variant of private or social ownership, but about something completely different and new.

Changes that would be caused by the introduction/establishment and use of this new form of ownership would just like a pleasant, quick and happy recovery after a long and serious illness. Illness of which mankind has indeed suffered in the last ten thousand years.

In a few years it would radically changed people’s lives – facilitate it, enriched and made much more comfortable and safer. And nature could breathe easily, because these changes would save it from further deteriorating.

Sounds like some naivety, utopia, or giving false hope???


But you will realize very soon that I am talking about the inevitable reality that is tough and stringent as necessity and which is nothing else but necessity itself.


At the first, I am showing that nations are not the fundamental subjects of economic activity.

That, fundamental subject is human species.

Peculiarity/specificity of human species – in difference to others – is in similarity with supposed/assumed capabilities of God. It is creative, or ONTOGENICAL one – capable to create something beingfull/beinglike. In difference to God, who created NATURAL BEING/nature (as people believe) Human species is capable to create an ARTIFICIAL BEING. (not only artificial things)

The creation of artificial being is necessary/inevitable, because human species can use only something beingfull/beinglike (being serving a purpose) to achieve its ultimate goals and make meaningful it’s own existence. It is not possible by using simple things.

History is ONTOGENICAL PROCESS – the process of creation and development of an artificial being. It started before several tens of thousands of years, and was successfully completed during the last few centuries. Now the history is completed, because the artificial being is created. It is Well known and unfairly disreputable under the name of CAPITAL.

Economy and economic science has one of several places of key importance in history, i.e. at/in ontogenical process.

As was stated, artificial being is means of achieving those ulitmate species’s goals. It’s task also is to work instead of man, and take care on free and safe existence of human species.

Developmental stages of artificial being or capital are: 1. The thesis – work, 2. antithesis –money 3. Synthesis – science and fourth, epithesis –technology.

Science is the most valuable aspect or form of existence of capital/artificial being.

Technology is nothing more than applied science.

Material civilization (technology) is a complete physical/corporeal form of existence of artificial being.

After the successful completion of the history, i.e. after the completion of creation of artificial being, the world/civilization necessarily falls in the epochal crisis. These, epochal crisis always appeared when the current era/epoch, should be replaced with a new one which is more developed. For example: the Neolithic civilization, by Antique, and Antique by this our, Western. Current epochal crisis (in which we have begun to enter) will replace the epoch of the rule of Western civilization by epoch of Antropotechnological one.

In antropotechnological civilization, natural being/nature will no longer be free raw materials than rather a partner of artificial being – a partner in a job of realization of ultimate goals of human species.

Key social change should occur in the fundamental area – area of property rights. It is necessary to establish ARTIFICIAL OWNER. This is solution of several thousand years old antinomy: SOCIAL ownership vs. PRIVATE.

Artificial owner will be substantially/essentially more efficient and functional than a living private owners and substantiantly fairer/equitable than it was assumed that there should be social ownership.

Artificial owner is established through a system of laws. Here I have presented only the:

Law on Control of efficiency of manager’s work


Law of Control of efficiency administration’s work.

This second law also is the means of liberation of administration. Through it (i.e. by it) the administration becomes free, ie. an autonomous social entity intensively interested and motivated to work for development and welfare of society.

Administration will be ruler of future society.

In the last part of the text i am showing that modern administration, which reached its peak in politics, in despite of its glamorous social position, actually has a menial/slavish status and therefore can not be motivated to work to contribute to social well-being.

Laws that I am advocating require that all subjects, ranging from individual nations, states or races (including also the rulers of society) have to realize their own interests or goals. But the lawful, moral and allowed is only WAY of achieving their own goals which, at the same time, leads or contributes to achievement of the species’s goals.

Because the human species is fundamental subject of economic, but also political and other activities, which are important for the survival of the species and the achievement of its ultimate objectives, it should be considered only natural, i.e. the legitimate sovereign on this planet.

Therefore, in order to maintain equality, democracy, justice and legality, it is necessary to create the Global state.

One species, one planet, one law – one standard for all.

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