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Speed of light


Speed of light

The so-called speed of light, c is not a property of light itself, but a property of the media that transfers it. Vacuum transfers light (electromagnetic impulses) faster than all other media – water, air, glass …

Therefore the speed c  is property of vacuum.

Speed  of light, c is in fact transference constant of vacuum.

The vacuum can transfers electromagnetic impulses only at that speed,  c = 299 792 458 m / s.   – no lower, no higher. Therefore, the speed c is treated as a natural constant.

Particles, however can not be transferred by vacuum. They move freely through it and are able to move faster or slower than light.

Since the force that accelerates particles (electromagnetic impulses) spread as fast as the light, and further, since this speed is the largest speed known up today, the problem of todays science is: how to accelerate particles to speeds larger than c,

This problem is being solved by special accelerator that can accelerate particles to speeds that multiply exceed the speed of light. Moreover, before 1970. it was possible to build an accelerator that would give to particles velocity that many thusand times exceed the speed of light Today we can build an accelerator that can acelerate particles at the velocity of 1 parsec / sec – it is 103 million times faster than speed of light.


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