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Hideo Hayasaka and Sakae Takeuchi


Explanation of achieved experimental results on a base of gravifugal force theory

Petar Bosnic Petrus

Although forgotten, this is maybe one of the most important experiments in the last time.There was shown that gyroscope rotating arround vertical axis Decreases its weight. But without gravifugal force theory it was not possible to explane this decrease. See the Hayasaka – Takeuchi article above.

in USA, Colorado and GB, was carried out similar experiments, but without weight los. Results of Japanese experiment, in the lack of real explanation, was explained as a consequence of vibrations – system error.

Calculations on a base of gravifugal force theory gives the same results as the Japanese experiment. Calcualtions were based on average velocity of gyroscope’s mass. In Japanese experiment, decrease of weight was meassured in miligrams. However it were enormous large values, because mass of gyroscopes and its speed were very small. See the mentioned article.

However in Hayasaka – Takeuchi experiment were made several systems errors.

The most important:

The experiment was carried out in Japan which is situated under the 400 N geographical latitude. It is an error because Earth is rotating arround its axis and because of it the experiment have to achieve also unexpected results.

About the others experimental errors

1.Experiment had to be carried out at the poles, or, in vicinity of poles. There would be not posible gyroscopic precesion and zero result in counter clock vise rotation of gyroscope.

2.Average („absolute“) linear (peripheral) velocity of the mass of gyroscope have to be much larger. Not only 9,5m /sec. or 18m/sec. as it was, than rather several hundred meters per second. Such gyroscope have to be made in carbonfibre. Such ring can lose meximum 4% of its weight.

3.Larger „absolute“ velocity also prevent zero result in counter clock vise rotation of gyroscope.

4.Lose of whole weight and levitation of gyroscope (gravifugal levitation) is possible only on the base of 7,91km /sec.of „absolute velocity“ I am talking about „absolute“ average velocity of gyroscope mass. Gyroscope capable to achieve gravifugal levitation have to be made in nano-tubes or graphene. Because the destructive centrifugal force is 6,3 milion times greater than useful gravifugal force. Ring  made i graphene is able to achieve slightly greater peripheral velocity than 10 km /sec.., and is able to lift itself along the axis of its rotation.

5.Because of it „Gyroscope“ had to be made in a form of ring, with a magnetic bearings, and without firm axis, also to prevent any vibrations.

6.Angular velocity and influence of magnetic field has no any importance.

Important note:

In this kind of experiments it is important to measure only an „absolute velocity“. – It is velocity by which the points of mass of rotor cuts imaginary streight lines conecting the center of gravity of celestial body and points on the sphere of stationary stars.


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